Monday, 7 March 2011

On A Different Note

Getting away from the wrath of that moth...Um, err, English teacher Dr. Streight, I was thinking that it's time I started taking this blog seriously; obviously my first two posts were simply testing the system. I admit I'm rather good with computers, so as time goes on expect to see improvements happening all over the place on this blog. I imagine the system has limits, though, so maybe if I see enough traffic and I find it's worth it I will drop the blogger system and make my own website!

Until then, tell me in the comments: what exactly do you like to see in a website like this? What subjects just aren't covered enough, what do you like to hear when a new subject is covered? What do you like to see? I'm new at this, so be patient, but hopefully with time I can make a satisfying little blog for you to enjoy over the morning coffee.

Also, for those who are interested (you are interested, right? Right?!) I plan on covering videogames from a... slightly different perspective than you are probably used to. I'll tell you about the cool things I learn about the world and what I think of it. Maybe sometimes I'll just need some help from you, the viewer. But I'm venturing out into this world of blogging and there is a lot for me to do.  So...

I'll meet you there.

Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck! I think the question that you should ask yourself is not "what do they want to see?" but "how is my site different?". The internet is vast and infinite, people can find hundreds of sites on the same subject. Pick your favorite and make it your own. That's probably the best advice I can give ya!